No.4 teneplus 500g eco bottle (glass)

Why glass?

The INTERVALL product range concentrates on the essentials, and nothing else: on the fibre that is to be cared for! Without exception, without distraction, without other complementary products: since 1955!
The 500 ml eco glass bottle is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional packaging!
Not only because you avoid plastic – but also because our glass bottle is ideal for refilling.
You can use our glass bottle forever – she will surely look good even after many years.
Her characteristic form is timeless!
When you buy this glass bottle you are saving in the long run: for refilling you can use our competitively priced 1,000 g bottle.
So you help the environment by using a reusable glass bottle.
And in the long run you also save money compared to buying the classic 250 g bottle.

No.4 teneplus 500g eco bottle (glass)
€20.80 *
Content: 500 Gramm (€4.16 * / 100 Gramm)

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What you need to know about teneplus: In order for your favourite clothing items to stay in... more
Product information "No.4 teneplus 500g eco bottle (glass)"

What you need to know about teneplus:

In order for your favourite clothing items to stay in shape over a long period of time, they need to be cleaned especially gently. teneplus is a washing care custom-made for microfibres. It is simply a necessity especially for sensitive bathing suits!

Shock colours require an especially gentle care in order to persist. Rinse the item quickly with teneplus after every use to keep its flexibility. The reason why just clear water is not sufficient? Because only teneplus is able to remove remainders of cosmetics, perspiration, chlorine, and sun milk effectively.

teneplus is also perfect for cleaning sportswear from any remainders caused by sweat! Salts love to settle in the multiple tiny pores of the micro-fibres, which, in return, produce sweat remainders.

teneplus as a special washing detergent avoids any salts, filling agents, or brighteners. As a result, the micro-fine pores will remain open even after the washing procedure and will not be clogged by any remainders of sweat or salt.


  • Fertile
  • Maintains breathability
  • Fabric remains flexible
  • Stays comfortable

teneplus contains the following ingredients::

Amount: Ingredients:
unter 5% fragrance, hexyl cinnamal, linalool, cinnamyl alcohol
15-30% 15-30% anionic tensides based on natural ingredients
Other preservatives: potassium sorbate
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